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Recent Student Work

We’ve had three national youth poet laureates, but somehow our students keep getting more and more talented, as you’ll see by this recent work.  It’s also astonishing when students write poems about me, but it certainly brings me great pride.

OPRFHS Spoken Word Club Spring 2022

OPRFHS Spoken Word Club Sophomore Slam

OPRFHS Spoken Word Club Frosh Slam


By sophomore Octavia:

A part of me  used to think that the spoken word room was a point of paradox in the multiverse


There's No rhyme or stanza to the way things work in there 


I walked into a morning in which PK peeled a boiled egg like 

an orange and conversed with Noelle about the day’s plans 


Time buckles and the next week there’s at least 100 boxes outside the door

And PK’s child soldiers are filling the room with too many orange books to count


Or the day I tripped into 6th period and spent my minutes in the spoken word

room with too many Valentine’s gifts


My showcase pictures staring me down as weakness pooled around my kneecaps


And it came to me like a premonition that: Damn imma about to be rejected 

In the spoken word room


After many weeks of conversation 

Self-composing and post rejection contemplation


I realize the spoken word room is more refuge than home


It’s where I go when I’m angry, when I’ve snowballed so many emotions in my chest 


That my words come out in a blizzard and leaving me with frostbit syllables and

 damaged nerve endings 


No matter how icy my attitude is PK will be there staring unblinkingly with no judgment, 

just gloves, and winter coat 


He’ll hand me a tissue and listen with a vigor that can make me feel like I’m 

standing next to a fire 


After too many tears, lot of friends, too many workshops and not enough poetry 


I can tell you the Spoken Word club is

A paradox, a refuge, a home, a fire 


A space that PK has quilted together mismatched kids and calloused alumni 


Made visceral and sentient so that every Tuesday when you walk in


You can feel the beat of it thrum low in the air 

I cannot thank PK enough for allowing me to breathe it in

By senior RC:​​

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